Premium denim inspired by American roots

jhaus cover


Boyd County, Nebraska, the origin of a dream nurtured in the midst of corn fields and cattle drives. The family farm: full of heritage, old, rusty, and dusty things, the root of JHaus. Bolts became buttons, burlap evolved into dresses. Dry cornhusks transformed into elegant fabric, barbwire now a new style of ribbon. Denim was stitched, branded, and put on store shelves. Personalities of sisters and nieces transformed into style names.The cattle brand became a logo. A year of cutting, fitting, perfecting the fit, denim was then ready to be shipped. The denim bolts and burlap; transformed into your favorite pair of skinny, boot leg, and straight jeans. Stunning couture dresses easily worn with stilettos or boots. Our designs represent strength and durability, the real American roots.

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